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    In case you haven’t visited the largest DeWalt store in Florida yet, we’d like to take you on a virtual tour of what we have to offer! We have everything you can possibly think of here, from drills bits, hole saws, and auger bits; all the way to shelving and corded/cordless tools! Need large equipment for a job? no problem, we have you covered! Need handheld tools for small jobs? No problem, we have you covered with that as well! We have cord/cordless tools ranging from drills/drivers, all the way to table saws and demolition hammers! We have all your accessories and tools available here at HWGA Supply, the largest DeWalt store in all of Florida! if you have any questions about anything we have to offer, please give us a call or stop by to check out all the awesome items we have available! Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9 AM- 4 PM, come on by we are ready for you!